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Baltimore Allied Health

Residential Services

Non-Homebound Must Come Into Office - - For Home Bound Patient: EKG/Phlebotomy/IV. We travel to the Tri-state area.MD/DE/PA/VA

We Perform Corporate Training As Well.

We perform the following mobile ancillaries:
  • $100 Bladder Catheterization (Stright Cath Only)
  • $100 EKG (We Diagnose EKG & Give Report)
  • $100 Phlebotomy Draws (We Process Blood For Lab and Perform Lab Drop-Off)
  • $100 Therapeutic Phlebotomy for Polycythemia & Hemochromatosis Patients
  • $100 I.V Instertion (Hep Locs)
  • We Do Not Accept Insurance

    Blood Draws & EKG's

    Blood Draws & EKG's

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